• What are Lincoln’s current system preservation, system optimization, and future growth needs?
  • What level of transportation infrastructure maintenance do citizens expect?
  • What transportation investments are needed to continue to improve quality of life in Lincoln?
  • What will those desired investments cost?
  • What are the best mechanisms for the City to fund its current and expanding transportation infrastructure needs?


The City of Lincoln seeks ideas and consensus on how to address current and future infrastructure needs. When making decisions that have a huge impact on the future of the City, the Mayor believes residents should be at the heart of the discussion. 

Lincoln is a growing and thriving city. Many issues facing our transportation infrastructure were identified as part of the City’s Long-Range Transportation Plan. The same growth that boosts our local economy and provides opportunity for our residents also puts a strain on its existing infrastructure.

To help answer some of the transportation related questions facing our community, the Mayor appointed a Citizens’ Transportation Coalition. The members of the Coalition included a broad cross-section of Lincoln residents, business owners, advocates, and policy makers.  The Coalition developed recommendations outlining the infrastructure priorities for residents of Lincoln and the revenue tools the City could use to pay for them. The Coalition was open to new ideas and innovation in this endeavor and will act as an independent deliberative body.

The Coalition met over a five-month period; took public comment and heard from technical experts; and review documents, system analysis, and budget needs as well as revenue generating mechanisms. Supported by City staff, the Coalition dove deeply into the transportation infrastructure issues facing the City. The Coalition delivered its final recommendations to the Mayor on Janruary 11, 2018.